SShhh Whisper has been launched

On the 2 May, we proudly launched our second St Ayle’s Skiff onto the river Deben.

Big thanks go to Brian East, who managed the building project and took the stroke seat for her first outing. Thanks also go to Julian Taylor who played a big role in her construction and other committee members who all played their part.

‘Whisper’ was joined by our first boat ‘Whisstock’ on the water for an afternoon of short trips followed by lots of tea and cake. Crews switched in and out for a quick blast through the cut and past Kyson Beach while there was enough tide.

Rather than using the traditional champagne, Brian was handed a bottle of ‘Proper Job’ to make the occasion (which he promptly finished off when his turn to row ended).

It was a lovely afternoon, and a format that we will repeat.