When the chips are down!

I bet Whisstock never thought that its most important piece of safety kit would be a bottle of anti-bac!

Rowing in these complicated covid times has its challenges but it was nice to spend most of Saturday 17th October on the water away from all the news bulletins and extreme signage.

Our bubble (Lyn, Kate, Andy, David, Tilly & Jacq) rowed down to Ramsholt against wind and tide where we tied up on a convenient buoy to refuel (thank you Tilly for the homemade brownies). We then took advantage of the ever rising tide to make way to Waldringfield where we had a quick loo stop and grabbed six boxes of chips before losing the beach, which we ate tied up to another buoy with a Waldringfield Sailing Club race going on around us. There appeared to be more concern over missing ketchup sachets than the rapidly approaching sailing dinghies helmed by what looked like 7 year olds!!

It might take a bit more thought and time to get out on the water these days but it is a lovely way to get away from it all.