Wind, tide and Morris Men!

On a very windy Saturday Morning in September – Jacq, Fiona, Andy, Chris and David prepared Whisstock to take to the water.

Using the DYC dingy park to remove the cover and frame and set things up is proving to be excellent. There is plenty of space and maneuvering the skiff up the hill and down the slipway is surprisingly easy.

Caro and Brian had come to see us set off and take the photographs below which was a lovely send off.

With winds gusting up to 38 mph the crew slowly made their way along the tourist section to Kyson Beach with much waving from people walking along the exposed pathway. The first plan was to see what it was like in the Martlesham Creek but this proved to be almost impossible with a strong headwind so we turned around and headed back up stream.

To our great surprise we were able to hover around the Tide Mill and watch a group of Morris Men perform outside The Longshed. They seemed very pleased to see us as very few pedestrians had braved the day.

It’s nice to know that we can still have a paddle on the days when others aren’t brave enough to take to the water.

Thanks Crew