WCRC’s first LTR

In October and November, Jacq ran our first coastal Learn to Row course and would like to welcome Saska, Carrie and Stephen to the club.

Having watched the training video’s, talked about safety and boat handing in a land session the new crew, with the help of Andy, David and Julian took to the water. The forecast over that weekend was awful but both days turned out to be lovely and calm with just a little mizzle on the last day.

Having practised taking off, landing, turning, swerving, rowing at different pressures and speeds, slaps, chops and emergency stops the new crew then did their ‘Man Overboard’ training and saved Bob (aka a large white buoy) from the depths of the Deben.

By the end of the weekend, the crew were rowing very well and all graduated with big smiles. If Saska, Carrie or Stephen sign up to row with you, please introduce yourself and help them to put their new skills into practice.